Too much right on saying that in behalf of he and his country they are sorry for Srebrenica genocide ? It is not alright to protest against these kind of things, people out there died because of Great Serbia dream which most of the people agreed with it at the time so now it's time to apologize and take responsibility for their actions. Genocide or not nobody can say that Serbs did not do that deed, you need to embrace the fact that cause of yours people politics and ideas this thing happened.

Why should the whole country be sorry for the act of individuals? I don't care and I don't feel sorry. That doesn't mean I'm glad, but I just don't care. Perhaps Nikoliç is sorry because he took part in the Bosnian clashes, but the whole country??? Pfff…

More people were massacred in Iraq or Pakistan by regular US soldiers than Bosnians by Serbian paramilitarist, and yet no one calls that genocide. Just another media twister and absurdity