Why should whole country be sorry ? Well my friend, you should tell everybody here which politicians were on the top of the Serbia at that time and what was their official and unofficial politics ? :D Serbia took part in planning and destroying BiH, this will be proved at the court. Is it that hard to addmit the truth ? That is why you pretend that you don't care. You are not glad that your people are considered devils and wild ones, me neither but you know what we all say – Što posiješ to požanješ .

I don't question whether or not the people were killed in Srebrenica. That happens in each and every war, but its a fact that Srebrenica was overhyped media story.

PS. Also I don't want to step on your nerve but I hope you do know BiH was not a country, in fact only Serbia was recognized country and Yugoslavia just inherited that statehood.