First of all, these are not so – called crimes, those people that Serb nationalists attacked did not kill between themself. They are killed by serbian politics and army by will of the people , who should take responsibility for that ? My grandma ? It is true that is propaganda on Serbs, everbody is trying to point them as satanized wild ones. I know that is not true, but you first must addmit your crimes and say that you are sorry for that ( I mean on state politics ). I've said many times in my city and others back in Bosnia that we need to apologize for Jasenovac and Operation Storm. I blame Albanians for NATO bombings, I know what did they do before on Kosovo.  But I also know what Serbs did to Bosniaks and Croats true history and I know in the last war that serbian dream was Great Serbia, I recall that you tried to keep Yugoslavia while singing serbian nationalistic songs, media hatespeech against '' Turks '' and others while you were slaughtering innocent people. Why are the most Serbs in the Haag ? Who started with war, who commited genocide, who had a idea of Great Serbia and what was like  the media propaganda in Serbia, who started first with ethnic cleansing ? That is why there are most Serbs. I 've told here before '' što posiiješ to i požanješ ''. I'm ready to apologize in the name of my country every single thing that Bosniaks commited to Serbs but you are not cause you think that everything that Serbs have done is justiefied. Your people learned kids in school to hate everything that is not serbian since Nikola Pašić, your parents are learning you diffrent from us at home. We don't hate you, but you hate us and this will continue forever.

You can not return kids and wives that Serbs killed in war, neighter than I but I fell moral obligation to say that I'm sry for everything that my people done in the name of my nation and us. The fact that you don't shows real serbian character in this case :)

I didn't say it was justified, I just said I am sick of us being the only apologetic nation, when everyone has done something wrong in the region to each other. No one was more at fault than others. Also, started the war? You're kidding, right? And if Serbs were trying to Serbify everything, we certainly wouldn't have put a Croatian/Slovenian in charge of the state during Yugoslav times.

Also, enough with the propaganda genocide claims. Jasenovac was a genocide, with a huge amount of Serbs (and others) killed at the camp. Operation storm was a genocide, because it drove almost all Serbs out of Croatia. Kosovo is in the same way a genocide. We were the genocided ones, so it's funny to me when anyone else in the region tries to claim that they are the bigger victims. We are the ones, as I said, who keep getting fucked by everyone, from our neighbours to the western world.

I'm sick of it.

So I'll be ready to apologise for certain things, after the world recognises the crimes that have been done unto us, and offers an official apology for the great suffering of the Serbian people.