I didn't say it was justified, I just said I am sick of us being the only apologetic nation, when everyone has done something wrong in the region to each other. No one was more at fault than others. Also, started the war? You're kidding, right? And if Serbs were trying to Serbify everything, we certainly wouldn't have put a Croatian/Slovenian in charge of the state during Yugoslav times.

Also, enough with the propaganda genocide claims. Jasenovac was a genocide, with a huge amount of Serbs (and others) killed at the camp. Operation storm was a genocide, because it drove almost all Serbs out of Croatia. Kosovo is in the same way a genocide. We were the genocided ones, so it's funny to me when anyone else in the region tries to claim that they are the bigger victims. We are the ones, as I said, who keep getting ****ed by everyone, from our neighbours to the western world.

I'm sick of it.

So I'll be ready to apologise for certain things, after the world recognises the crimes that have been done unto us, and offers an official apology for the great suffering of the Serbian people.

Please don't start with Yugoslavia and who was in charge. I will just tell you that in my city with almost 60.000 of people at the time was 99 % Bosniaks in the time of Yugoslavia. Every and each president, major, politician, every main and important position was a Serb that was brought up in my city. So don't start on that please.

Operation Storm – first of all you tried to take that and make homogene SOA Krajina. When Serbs took the lead in there there was no city with less than 82 – 83 % if Serbs. They were killing Croats and trowing them in deep holes which exist today. The same thing was done to  you by Croats in the O. Storm.  You justify yours ethnic cleansing but not croatian one ? :D

In Jasenovac was genocide, NATO bombarding was Albanian fault. I agree, and that was wrong against Serbs.

You can not play me a victime :)

I already apologize for my people