Valid comparisons to the subject matter.

Except that they are not valid comparisons but that's why I posted a response :P. Seems like any kind of accusation against crimes commited by Serbs such as Srebrenica isn't even valid to some Serbs but immediately countered with 'WW2' 'Jasenovac' and most recently 'Oluja' all three of which had no relation to Srebrenica. ;) It seems like just trying to pass the blame and focus at those hated Croats again… No worries prijatelju , we're used to it ;).

Restricting, ain't it? I can see your little heart's just bursting at the seams to get your opinions out

I already got my opinions out its just that they don't conform with the ultra 'Pro Cro' view as you call it. I don't think we were angels in that conflict and we have plenty of bad choices we made. It's good that there is peace now and I think the focus should be on how do we all maintain the peace in our backyards and not about who did what 500 years ago , 50 years ago , or even 20 years ago.