Except that they are not valid comparisons but that's why I posted a response :P. Seems like any kind of accusation against crimes commited by Serbs such as Srebrenica isn't even valid to some Serbs but immediately countered with 'WW2' 'Jasenovac' and most recently 'Oluja' all three of which had no relation to Srebrenica. ;) It seems like just trying to pass the blame and focus at those hated Croats again… No worries prijatelju , we're used to it ;).

Ajde druze, nemoj biti takav. It's usually us who are copping the crap, not you or anyone else… Which is in line with my point. Since I initially stated that I'm sick of Serbs apologising to everyone (which is what the discussion is about), I had to name certain times where we were ****ed but never got an apology. Relevant? I definitely think so.  :)

I think the focus should be on how do we all maintain the peace in our backyards and not about who did what 500 years ago , 50 years ago , or even 20 years ago.

And this is exactly what I said before you intervened with your rant. Have a look:

That being said, a Yugoslavian-based argument about who did what to who could go on forever, so I'm putting a stop to it here. This is a forum for Slavic preservation, not one for arguing about a war that is now a stain on our people.

See? So drop the holier than thou attitude. It doesn't do anyone any good.

Xekoslav, I was pretty direct. I haven't floated away from the essence of the thread, meaning I said all I had to say about apology of Serbian president and Srebrenica massacre. I was not talking about anything else

Shaokang, ignore him. He obviously got sensitive because other issues were simply mentioned, and then proceeded to rant as far away from topic as possible, while accusing others of the same.

Srebrenica was, by far, the worst massacre in the 90s war. Its considered the worst massacre, in Europe, since the Nazis. That deserves an apology more than the other battles.

And in regards to "why do Serbs only apologize?" they don't… you just haven't read the articles it seems, heres one.


Nice article! As for Srebrenica being the worst massacre since the Nazis… Wellllll…. Depends which side of the fence you are on. And depends how much you believe the media. Do some digging around for yourself and have a look. Nothing's ever so simple in the Balkans. As for "deserves an apology more than the other battles?" Utter crap. Utter garbage. This is exactly the kind of thinking that causes conflict between people.