It was directed more at Slavija. My response to you was more about the president apologizing. Sorry , I should have specified that.

As Druzhina said , Srebrenica stands out among all the massacres and even violates the poor morality already present in war. Srebrenica really served no strategic purpose that I know of since Serbs already controlled most of the roads and resources in the area anyway. It was basically a won ton slaughter for any number of reasons we can go over. In certain ways it cannot be equated with other tragedies except for maybe Ahmici ( which was smaller scale but no less brutal) and Vukovar which needs no introduction. It seems to us that when Serbs are faced with charges they feel very angry and offended yet they dole out blame to everyone except themselves for any violence they commit. The violence against Croats ? They justified because Austro Hungarian oppression and WW2.  The violence against Bosniaks ? They are justified because of 500 years of Turkish oppression.Even the violence against Albanians… 14th century Kosovo and the Turkish invasion… The war? … It's the West's fault. Etc. At some point all the sides need to stop fishing for excuses and take responsibility so such things do not repeat themselves and happen again.

Srebrenica stands out because it was staged as a pretext for the west entering the war. What I disagree with is saying it deserves "more of an apology." No chance. A Serbian life is just as sacred as a Croatian or Bosnian one, therefore, all lives taken have equal meaning and loss behind them. Therefore, no apology is "more" or "less" worthy than another in times of war and crisis, where murders and killings are happening everywhere constantly.


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To highlight the key areas that are relevant to this topic:

"The UN declared Srebrenica a 'safe zone' in 1993. That meant a) Srebrenica was supposed to be disarmed and b) it was supposed to be safe from attack

But the UN never disarmed the Islamists who occupied Srebrenica.

The Islamist 'troops' were a gang of sadists in the tradition of extremist Muslims who who joined the Nazi SS during World War II and murdered Serbs, 'Gypsies' and Jews. Listen to their modern-day incarnation, Commander Nasir Oric, the Srebrenica leader of what was called the Bosnian Muslim Army (thus insulting those Muslims who opposed Oric's murderous racism).

So, in short, Srebrenica was never de-militarised. They used it as a launch-pad to attack surrounding Serb villages. Serbs had to respond. Serbs attacked Srebrenica. And even the 8000 dead is a lie.

Advocates of the official story point to a number of verdicts by the ICTY, thousands of bodies found in mass graves, and the confessions of executioners, and demand that the entire world accepts the Srebrenica "genocide" as "judicial fact." This type of approach is typical for PR, where what matters is what people believe. In law, however, what matters is what one can prove. Yet when it comes to proof, both the ICTY and the advocates of the official story consistently come up short.

The crown witness, on whom the entire case hangs, is a liar. Other witnesses have been exposed as serial perjurers. The ICTY’s own forensic evidence, gathered over the past fifteen years, has yielded 3,568 autopsy reports, but fewer than 2,000 actual bodies. Only 442 bodies in the mass graves have ligatures and/or blindfolds, strongly suggesting execution. The DNA evidence allegedly collected by the International Commission for Missing Persons (a quasi-NGO run by the U.S. government) has not been shown to anyone — including the ICTY prosecutors and judges! Even so, DNA evidence can only identify the bodies; it cannot prove the manner of death. Yet the ICTY maintains that the DNA evidence collected by ICMP somehow "proves" these people were executed.

But we do know that Oric's Islamist terrorists killed thousands of Serbian villagers. Doesn't it make sense that the bodies NATO has dug up are A) victims of the Islamist terrorists, B) soldiers who fought the Islamists, C) Islamist terrorists killed in fighting?

And guess what? This Oric fellow was acquitted of all charges against him, despite his bragging and murder of Serb civilians and others as well, all caught on tape. While the Serb president is today apologising.

There is no word to describe the injustice here.