Considering that neither of these articles were either written or researched by Serbs, I don't see how it's "our version." Some people were simply curious enough to research a truth into something rather than believe what was convenient. And in a war, it is always convenient to have a "bad guy" and a "good guy." When facts like the above come out, it becomes too grey and uncertain. And nobody likes grey or uncertain. People like to go to bed knowing the bad guy was punished, like in all good stories. Which is why Serbs have trouble sleeping. Because bad guys when it comes to us, are never punished.

What I am amazed at is that even today, grown men and women from all over the world would rather just believe something rather than do their own research, as well as be naive enough to think that one group is "evil" while another "good." This is not a movie or a fantasy story. This is life. So do some research of your own rather than just dismissing hard facts. I guess it's just easier to ignore it, but that's how people get hurt.

And by the "whole world has one version," you mean everyone that was anti-Serb during the war, one of which happened to be the US, who, as everyone knows, are the largest propagandists and liars when it comes to benefiting them. The West, contrary to what they would have you believe, loves Muzlims. Why? Because if any place they set their eye on has any sort of Muzlim population, the west will always have free soldiers for its cause. They pay them, incite them into frenzies, and have a pseudo-army. Look at Libya or the Taliban as great examples of this. The KLA in Kosovo is another obvious example. Terrorist organisations who can be used and discarded as needed.

Also, by refusing these facts, instead listening to western media, it is you who is using hate-speech. Denying the truth of what happened is the biggest hate-crime of all, and you and everyone who believes this farce is guilty of it.

But I am not trying to get anyone to believe "my" story. I am trying to get people to read about THE story. About what actually happened. In this day and age, it is so easy to look up information and see facts. Ignorance is a choice. So I want people to not take my word for it…. But to do their own research and conclude for themselves. Because enough propaganda has told them their facts for them. Time to take a stand and look things up for yourself.

These articles, as I said, are neither written nor researched by Serbs. So they could hardly be called Serb propaganda.