Sofia. Our common past with Macedonia should connect us, not divide us, Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev said in an interview with Bulgarian National Radio.

Let me say it more clearly: in my office there are portraits of the Miladinov brothers. In my home town of Gotse Delchev there is a monument to Gotse Delchev. What should happen now? Should I take the portraits of the Miladinov brothers down? Or should we remove the monument to Gotse Delchev from my home town of Gotse Delchev? Should this happen? It is impossible.

Is it so difficult to realize that we have common past. This common past should connect us, not divide us. Speaking of a European approach, the whole of Europe has been doing exactly this for hundreds of years – it has been celebrating its common past. There is not a more European approach than this. Yes, we have common history – what’s wrong with this? It should be celebrated, it should not divide us, said Rosen Plevneliev.


What else some can expect other than monuments of macedonian deserving people to be erected in Pirin Macedonia as well. Since Pirin Maceonia is now part of Bulgaria and Plevneliev as an ethnic Macedonia is even president of Bulgaria he refers as common past of both states. The same with Greece and Albania we can say. In Serbia I think in some villages in Vojvodina where macedonian colonists settled after the WW2 monuments of macedonian deserving people had been erected long ago.  In Greece you are not allowed to post a picture of Goce Delcev so in the cradle of democracy there is no way to erect any monument of any Macedonian even born and killed in Aegean  Macedonia what about to say that they are part of the common history of both countries.