Aha i see. Thx. :D I do wonder however how would common people react if this was implimented. Overall i see there is a trend in all countries for bastardisation of language in media. Usually wierd mutated speech from the captial is used there + lots of usage for fancy ass words from latin & english just to sound smartass. I damn hate it.

It hearts my ears too. I remember that , when I was a kid, if people liked something they would say "To je strava". Now you can only hear "To je full, to je extra. In media, we have more and more of examples like edukacija, aktuelnosti, respekt, involviranje, infuelciranje, investicije…

I wonder how come there were no negative reactions on Vukovian reform in Slavonia, Vojvodina and parts of Bosnia where old cases were preserved.  ;D I just can't believe there was no negative reaction to that decision.

Oh, politics ::) I don't understand this Yugoslav obsession to be different.

So are there dialects today that still use locative in it's full form? Sorry, I don't live over there so I can't observe these differences.

To be honest, I like Dative when it's mixed with instrumental though that could just be because 'svojima' sounds odd to my ears. How's the situation in Vojvodina? Is the Serbian spoken there standard Serbian?

Yeah, it sounded weird to me too, but I got used to it with the help of Russian (Vzyat' svojimi rukami, skazat' svojim druz'yam).
There are some sub-dialects in Montenegro which preserve old locative, I don't know about their dative case .
In Vojvodina there are some places using old locative and even the old *-mi instrumental ending. (Bog s nami, mi smo s vami, pisati lepimi slovi, kopati rukami, cupkati nogami) On the North of BiH, close to the border with Croatia along the Sava river , there is the subdialect preserving old dative (dati ženam,sinovom,kćerkam,trgovcem,roditeljem)

Old dative is also preserved near the Studenica river in Serbia, but only in female nouns. (ženam,crkvam,devojkam,rukam)

The language in Vojvodina is today pretty much standard, all the old characteristics are almost lost.
The funny thing is, Vuk Karadžić was writing all the time against the Vojvodinian speeches, he was saying that Vojvodinians speak "the most distorted Serbian". He thought that their instrumental and locative are "wrong"…