The original version of Taras Bulba was published by Gogol in 1835. The second version was published in 1842.

In his second version Gogol accounted in more details for customs and laws of Cossacks. He described heroics of Cossacks engaging in an epic battle. The image of Taras Bulba and the tragedy of the situation Andri’s betrayal was described in greater details. Gogol also added more terms : Russia, Russian nature and Russian land.

The second version published in 1842  was known to the public in Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

Vasil’ Shkljar translated the original version published in 1835 . It looks to me that the original version  has been accurately translated by Vasil' by Schkljar. Although, I have not compared sentence by sentence of each text.

Original version published in 1835 : http://archive.nbuv.gov.ua/books/18/gnv-tb35.html
Translation in Ukrainian by Vasil' Schkljar : http://www.e-reading-lib.org/bookreader.php/1002629/Admin_-_Taras_Bulba.html

The translation of the second version may have amendments of the terms Russian, Russia and Russian nature. I could not find the translation of the second version text.

Second version published in 1842 : http://ilibrary.ru/text/1070/p.3/index.html