Sounds nice though I wouldn't say it's a winning song, no offense. I like it and incourage the input of what Dušan described as "theirs". We tried it with a mix of rock and polka few years ago. The song was maybe a bit weird but wasn't that bad actually. In the end we were 2nd from the bottom up … ;D The last one was someone who got disqualified, so … yes, Slovenia!!! :D

But this can't happen to you, no way!

It's certainly better than the teeny bop nonsense music that usually goes up. This song is like half way to better. We're getting something 'domaci' this time but of all the klape out there why chose a less popular song and klapa? We have legendary Klapa songs with legendary groups and I'm wondering why those don't go up if Klapa was decided. Anyway Eurovision is bs. The songs that win are forgettable quickly. Plus I think to really appreciate klapa ( accapella) music you need to have a personal connection with it so when you hear it you can have vivid memories of good times. I grew up with a lot of that style of music and it puts me in a good place listening to it. But I can imagine being someone with no familiarity like most of the audience not thinking anything special about it.

Anyway my favorite kind of Cro music is the melodic kind ( what people used to know as 'zabavna' though that's not exactly accurate) and its not really region specific though I like regional music too.  Here is some examples :

Tomislav Bralić i Oliver Dragojević-Škrinja jubavi ♥ 2013 _ tekst

Dalibor Brun – Jedna žena plava !

They are chill :) , To someone who didn't grow up with it could sound 'meh' but for me and many like me its golden and just sets the tone for a good mood. :)