I had never been a fan of Elizabeth of Russia until I read some little known facts about her reign yesterday..

(19 November 1742), Elizabeth issued a decree on the destruction of all the mosques in Kazan province and to prevent the erection of new ones. Bishop Luke (Konashevich) began feverish performance requirements – within two years of the 536 mosques in Kazan district was destroyed by 418.

However, in 1741 issued a decree that allowed the Buddhist lamas to preach in his teaching of the Russian Empire.  All the lamas, who wished to come to Russia, is sworn allegiance to the Empire and were exempt from paying taxes.

Елизавета Петровна

or this fact about rebelling bashkirs:

In September 1755 Elizabeth addressed a manifesto to the Tatars of the Middle Volga. For participation in the campaign against the rebelling bashkirs promised to allow for Tatars to capture property in battles and to keep the prisoners. For their complete loyalty to the imperial government was weakened somewhat forced Christianization, in particular, was removed from there Luke Konashevich and allowed them to build a mosque. As a result, many Kazan Tatars took part in the brutal suppression of the uprising of the Bashkirs.

Surrounded on all sides by Russian troops waiting to attack from all sides, Bashkirs, in the amount of 50,000 people, along with their families and possessions, rushed for Iaik in the Kazakh steppe, where they were promised refuge. At the crossing of the troops were expecting, and that picture that unfolded here is not reminiscent of the battle, and the mass extermination of the panic-stricken people. Each of guarding the crossing sought to kill the greatest possible number of fugitives, as the property goes to the dead assassin. As a rough and inaccurate data, this crossing was killed 1,000 people.

Башкирское восстание (1755—1756)