Wait, you want to tell me you speak that language with a straight face?  ;D

Gvišn, that and yours with a straight face. ;)

Why didn't Slovenians decide to call their country Carinthia and call themselves Carinthians?

Huh, kinda tricky … Our ancestors came to the place of Austria and Slovenia in about 550+. Slovenes call our ancestors of that time Alpine Slavs (stupid, I know ::) ). Our ancestors were than part of Samo's Tribal Union (7th century) who was independent from both Avars and Franks. Inside this tribal union a autonomous land of Karantanija was known. Later Karantanija was a independent "kneževina" for cca 100 years. Than we got under the Bavarians and with that under the Frankish State. But we still had our own "Slovene" knezi. Those were later replaced by Frankish counts after Ljudevit Posavski's rebelion.

So now the question: Why Slovenia and not Carinthia? Well, not all Slovenes are descendants of the Caranthanians but also of Carniolans and others. Carantania (the name Karantanija is of later origin – ending ija – original probably Korotan) split into Styria and Carinthia. But also a part of Carniola was given to Styria. In adition, Goriška county was astablished. So Slovenes lived in the historical lands of Carinthia, Styria, Carniola, Gorizia and Gradisca, Triest, Istria, Zala and Železna županija. And it's Slavic people needed some 500 years to understand that they all speak the same (more or less) language, know the same rituals 'n stuff and call themselves Slovenci. Naming us after a single land would be stupid as it was half German in adition from some 15th century onwards.

We call ourselves Slovenci for a damn long time. First it ment both a Slav and Slovenian. The ethnonym Slovenec in its todays meaning comes from the Slovene Protestant tradition from 1550 when Primož Trubar spoke in his book to all Slovenci. By the time of Enlightenment and Romantic nationalism gained big weight and Slovenianhood got its final shape. You must know that the word Slovenija isn't older than 200 years. – In that shape. Before that is was just slovenska zemlja, windischland or whatever. Who a Slovene is was never really question but Slovenia got defined only after ww1.

The story of Slovenia and its people is a sad story with an end that seems less and less happy …