povhec, what can you tell me about the language of that writing? this is archaic, right? from what year (roughly at least) is this and where exactly was this language spoken?

because that -nil suffix in past tense intrigues me. as far as i know only czech and slovjak have similar suffix (-nul), and rarely occurs in slovak, too. now i see slovene isnt far away, even in this.

after all:

[img width=700 height=264]http://i41.tinypic.com/316p9iq.jpg” />

If I may be so insolent and answer your questions partially. You shall receive the exact year from Povhec though, he knows that …

Yes, the language is archaic though quite close to modern Slovene and fully understandable to a modern Slovenian – except he's very stupid. You are slightly wrong – the past tense suffix is -il, -el, -al, not -nil (except for some individual). Why? Because then and now verbs in the past tense would be: naredil, postal, prosil, prišel … Only some have the suffix -nil, which is because of the grammar: spomnil, priškrnil, etc. Croatian Kajkavci use a similar pattern.