Hmm, sounds like a real dictature! :D Still got some holes to plug, right? Some paragraphs could be more specific. I understand it's a very subjective piece of work but, if shown to the public, it should be well thought over. Some nice rights are granted in it although in practice it would be rather utopic. That "murder" of unborn children isn't well thought over as far as I see, afterall, the problem is complex and can't be threated in one single sentence or two. But let's not be too serious, right? Some interesting ideas I have seen here. The principe of the Emperor's election is IMO very interesting. I like the idea. Though it leaves my mind open: would it then be authoritarian or kinda democratic? But nevermind, in the end, who am I to make such wannabe professional critics and statements? An interesting hobby you have, sir, no doubt! :) What else shall I say? Keep going and develop your skills only further. Who knows, once you might wright a real such thing and then it'll be up to you either we praise or burn you. ;) ;D