I identify as Serb, but that's because identifying as Slavic would just raise eyebrows, since it is not a nation, and people are generally stupid and don't know what a Slav is anyhow.

To counteract this, (and promote us a little bit at least), I tend to throw the word into conversations when discussing heritage with anyone… And whenever I meet a Slav from another nation I generally ask them questions to see how much about their ancestry they know.

I'm disappointed with the amount of Slavs that have never heard the word before. It actually disgusts me whenever I meet one of those. As an interesting note, most of them tend to be Macedonian.

So, in short, I'm Serbian, but I feel part of Slavdom as a whole. Whenever I meet a Pole or a Czech or Russian or whatever, I greet them in the same way I would a fellow Serb.