I identify as Serb, but that's because identifying as Slavic would just raise eyebrows

So, you basically avoid Slavic designation because of low awareness?

For me it's Jugoslav,then Croat&Bosnjak, then Hercegovac, then Mostarac.

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In Australia I say Yugoslav because a lot of people aren't aware of what a 'Bosniak' or 'Bosnian' is. And even more people don't know what 'Slavic' is. I've never had to state my ethnicity on any government forms so I've never given a definite and consistent statement about my ethnicity.

Hmm..its more about how do you feel…do you feel more like Yugoslav or Bosniak?

I think it is wrong dilemma, since you are Slav because you are Serb, Russian, Croat, Pole etc… so that two things go together.

Well..many people in the area of former SFRJ identify as Yugoslav in national or ethnic sense. Some people consider differences between our nationalities to be  to small and  some come from so called mixed marriages, etc. For example, In Serbia there are more than 23 000 declared Yugoslavs by ethnicity. Bosnia had almost one third of a million of Yugoslavs in 1991…the number will not be so high now but I think that it will be sizeable.

If we are Slavs because we are Serbs, Poles, Russians etc how come that there is Slavic mark in the first place?  I believe that we once belonged to the same group and later split in different tribes. I also think that Slavic ethnicity predates any of the modern ethnicities among Slavic peoples.

To summarize, I think that it is possible to be Slavic without choosing any other designation to describe your ethnicity. Thats all…I dont want to push anyone to abandon their national name.