I always wondered, how do Czechs distingish term Bohemian from Czech? 😮

In no way. Bohemian means Čech and Czech means Čech:D If you want to express difference between Czech and Bohemian in Czech language you have to describe it somehow. Also Czechs usually don't think about themselves as about Bohemians, but just as about Czechs.

Bohemia is really Čechy and Bohemia is really derive for latin name of celtic tribe, who lived here. Česko should be Czechia/Czech Republic, but some people don't like this term, cause is new. Also some people call Čechy incorrectly the whole country.

Yeah and in modern English Bohemian also can mean some artist with wild life, because gypsies, who came to France from East (through Bohemia) called themselves after this land. But that's the difference that Czech language can distinguish with word Bohém.