intresting pont of view, but first of all it doesnt reply to any of the questions, secondly, he does the mistake to use science in order to talk about god, the same time that god is not something"scientific"

Well it's his point of view on human made concept called "God".

I'm an agnostic, i believe that something does exist, beyond our comprehension or even dimension but it does not has to be a consciousness deity as God or Aliens, but can be just a reaction of somekind…because even if God existed how did again God came to be if nothing can't come out of nothingness? It's like what was first, Egg or Chicken.

I can answer for Atheists

1) In order to believe something exists one has to see prof in order to believe existence of that.

2) Counter question, if god exists how he came to be and out of what?

Anyway, there is only one immortal, all going thing…and that's Time. It exists in different dimension, it's eternal and Time is the closest definition of deity…natural all mighty deity that brings chaos that we have to fight by creation and maintenance in order to survive. Either way, i believe it's to early to just say God exists and he did it since we have so much to explore and learn about our surrounding and ourselves first.

Just to remind you who and what we are: