1) In order to believe something exists one has to see prof in order to believe existence of that.

That is false in both the sense that you can certainly believe something without definitive proof and in the sense that lack of proof or the inability to prove does not equal lack of existence. A logically correct view would be that one should not act on an uncertainty. Although that too is not an optimal strategy. Plus it's more of an agnostic view.

2) Counter question, if god exists how he came to be and out of what?

That's one of God's perks. He did not come to be by definition. Being able to understand everything is also not a given. The mind is finite.

Anyway, there is only one immortal, all going thing…and that's Time.

There's only one thing that doesn't fall and it's Gravity! :)

It exists in different dimension, it's eternal and Time is the closest definition of deity… natural all mighty deity that brings chaos that we have to fight by creation and maintenance in order to survive.

Lay off the shrooms, man.

Either way, i believe it's to early to just say God exists and he did it since we have so much to explore and learn about our surrounding and ourselves first.

Just to remind you who and what we are:


Size is irrelevant when it comes to understanding. It's complexity that matters.