Well we believe in what we can see and study.

It's a good thing you're a hypocrite, because if that statement were actually true you wouldn't live long.

Faith is useless.

If you mean generally, then no it is not. The ratio between decisions you make based on faith/trust vs informed decisions tends to inf. If you mean "faith" as in "belief in God" then your position might be legitimate, although inconsistent.

And what is your evidence for the existence of God?

That's a paradoxical question, assuming a creator God.

if its 'we exist' well that proves nothing other than we exist.

It's still pretty awesome when you think about it, though. There's logically no reason why anything should exist.

If there is a god he doesn't care about us.

Interesting. Tell me more ::)

If you think that the God of the bible is real well… that book is so full of holes and contradictions its almost comical.

The official cannon has been reviewed, studied and been the object of scrutiny and debate for a long time and by some very intelligent people. How likely do you think it is that something unintended has found its way into scripture?

And this is coming from a person who was a christian zealot for a few years.

Meaning, you didn't understand it then any more than you do now :D

I started seeing the holes myself, always insulted and fought against atheists NEVER listening to their rationality and listening to christian pseudo-science.

I can see there's a huge improvement between then and now ::)

When I learned of scientific reasoning and structure I realized there almost certainly is no god,

See that's called "irony". Hope you get it.

religion is detrimental to human advancement,

Which is why it's a consistently a feature of society … Wait, that makes sense right?
How about a negative correlation with intelligence? Surely the lower primates must be more religious than humans?

and its not even a really big deal… no worries or wonders about hell or any wrong faiths. When we die, it`ll probably just be like before we were born. No conscience existence, hence no fear or sadness.

That's nirvana – a buddhist concept :)

As for reasoning the existence of God. If your really curious, even if it scares you more uber-religious types… all I can say is watch atheist videos, and scientific videos. Compare them with the hilarious pseudo-science of creationists.

Both would be hilarious pseudo-science and a fundamental misconception of science and religion.

It took me a while to finally become an atheist but I feel like I've come out of being brainwashed.

Try harder, you ain't out of the woods yet.