Oh boy… here we go for the thousandth time. A christian who prefers to argue rather than research…

You're not following.
Your initial statement was a generalization and thus false outside of a specific context, which you didn't provide.

Noooo…? You see if a religion tells you how to live and what to do in certain circumstances (like smash yourself and a plan full of people into a building) I would want to KNOW this thing/guy/girl/it/he-she exists. :3

A paradox would be having your cake and eating it too.
In order to prove the existence of God through empirical means, the latter would have to be a part of the physical world. So a creator God who created the world would also have to have created himself ex nihilo. That's nonsense.

Existence is purely by chance.

That's a meaningless statement. Everything happens purely by chance, the difference is the odds.

Well lets see. He didn't stop WW1 or WW2. 9/11. The Middle East crisis. All the Balkan wars. Didn't save the people who were praying for him on the Titanic. Told people to slaughter each other when they failed to sacrifice goats to him… wow this list can go on and on!

Perhaps he did stop WW 1 and 2 and those wars you think of are actually 3 and 4? Or perhaps you have some pretty naive ideas about life, the universe and everything. :/

List me some of these intelligent people who haven't called it a crock of perverted ****. Scientists lol at religion and some of the greatest minds in history have called it vile garbage.

tl;dr …

Thomas Jefferson was hardly the intellectual among the american founding fathers, many of whom were masons and anti-christian. He was also a slave-owner and a race-mixer – an upstanding fellow, right?
Ben Franklin on the other hand was an intelligent man, a scientist and also a Christian.

I guarantee you, atheists understand the bible better than Christians

For the sake of the argument I'm willing to admit that some atheists may have a good understanding of the bible. I don't know of any but don't think it's impossible. However, the odds of joe-random-internet-atheist being more knowledgeable than people with a background in theology or philosophy are practically nil. Most of these guys don't even have an education, let alone a relevant one. Oftentimes they're unfazed by logic and arguments, no matter how convincing, because they cannot comprehend them.

because we sought the answers. Not just being told when we were kids by our parents in what to believe, hence brainwashed.

You should consider listening to your parents occasionally. The fact that you exist is proof enough that they know better than most basement-dwelling sociopaths posting atheist videos on youtube.

was trying to be polite to ultra-religous types (like you :D) but ok. THERE IS NO GOD. OH LORD STRIKE ME DOWN IF IM WRONG

No, you weren't. You don't get the irony of your statement, which is that making claims concerning God is unscientific. I am slightly disappointed, have to admit.

A feature of Primitive socities who had sacrifice for their gods, and crusades and jihads and all sorts of lovely things. It was an excuse for primitives to understand what storms and stars were.

There are crusaders and crusadees. Without a religion you're doomed to be the second kind if you get my drift. Anyway that was not even the point which was that the view that religion is detrimental to society is myopic. You're not trying to replace religion with science, they're not on the same level. You're replacing religion with superstition. Now that's primitive.

Science is pseudo-science? Is that what your saying?

No. pseudo science is pseudo science. Kinda like "obvious troll".
You don't have to be a theologian to be able to tell it's pseudo science, just having a clue about what science is and isn't is enough. This simple concept, seems so hard to explain to "enlightened atheists" on the internet, for some reason. Me thinks it's because they don't have the foggiest about either science or religion, but that's just fundamentalist talk, I'm sure.

Sigh… I hate arguing over the internet… can you just buy the God Delusional or something? Thats a question in fact. Can you, or will you not because is full of crap?

Whatever gave you the idea I support or condone creationists?
If creationists are one side of the coin, people who claim you can scientifically disprove God are the other. It's fundamentally the same fallacy, you're on the same team.