Well I am sorry I didn't go into anything more scientific. I am no scientist, I have researched this all years before, and am in no mood to look across the net for my reasons regarding my beliefs. I'm usually against Creationists, which I must admit I believed you to be the way you were coming off. Out of curiosity what are your beliefs? It's true we don't have all the answers, scientists are always seeking them though. However there is no reason to think that there is a being who created anything, none at all. I don't see life as miraculous, its short thing that ends violently for most species. The odds are small, I agree with you, for us to be here with greater consciousness but we are – and right now we're alone, smaller than a pixel on your monitor in our galaxy. I simply don't think theres a reason for a God, especially man-made Gods, which is why I don't believe it. I understand the laws of the world and what we know, and that's all I can bother with. I have no belief that theres a magical kingdom in the sky waiting for us. And sure there are some atheists who make home videos, same with Christians, Buddhists and anyone else. People put that stuff up to be heard. There are also thinking minds, professors, historians and scientists who do the same.