In that case, anything I want to believe that can't be proven wrong should be treated as fact? If I want to believe in Atlantis, then public schools here must respect my right to believe and teach about Atlantis as real? If there is no evidence for something, then it doesn't exist (except in people's minds). That's how science works.

anything that can't be proven to be wrong should be treated as "unknown".From this aspect agnostics are right.
nope, scientists make cases, and try to prove, or prove the opposite, i happen to know it as a scientist.


Science can explain it, we're just not advanced enough (technologically) to prove such theories. All we have are inferences based on what we already know is fact in the universe and what we know about how the universe acts and ages. These theories don't come out of thin air, there is a certain degree of fact behind them.

the particular science that can explain such a thing is either theology or philosophy, as long as it is not something Natural.