Virtual worlds like games you play on pc are parallel realities created out of nothingness. In one moment it's a void, in another when we start the server it's like a big bang, it's has been created out of nothingness even thought the smallest know unit is a pixel (as atom in our world) there is nothing beyond that in Virtual World but a void of nothingness until we turn it on. However when we program (or if God programmed the Universe) it would have predefined characteristics of it's population while in nature (non-programmed environment) we have a thing called evolution i.e. adaptation thus if big bang happened all after it is an adaptation to the event's that occurred as a process, meaning Big Bang = Natural Phenomenon and not predefined, grand design, programmed reality.

– Evolution is a term from Biology which applies to living organisms. What you're doing is akin to a judge in a court of law citing the second law of thermodynamics.
– There's nothing natural about the Big Bang. It's as extraordinary as the concept of God except it's impersonal.
– A simulation of comparable complexity would be indistinguishable from the universe.

But it did, it's universe as you know it.

Something must have caused it to happen. Hence God.
The alternative is it created itself, which is no less extraordinary as noted above.

Of course, he doesn't exist as you imagine him.

I don't imagine God. By definition God is beyond imagination …

Cool story bro.

… hence revelation. But you'd rather make snarky comments than try to understand the problem.

Pretty pesimistic point of view, but nothing new for people that used to believe world is flat and were fine with that.

Considering alternative hypotheses is not pessimistic.

Of course, our knowledge and understanding of natural laws, biology, chemistry, space and time is greater each year and with this ratio of knowledge hoarding of course we will think that in 500 years.

Before we can acknowledge God is Omniscient we need to have an example of such knowledge in order to confirm it, till then you're talking fairytales.

A  concept can exist and be discussed independently of examples thereof.

You quoted me first, so you're basically wasting my time.

You said:

you wrote:
Also i don't (honestly) give a damn at your opinion aaaaaa in general, so you can rather talk to the wall for the sake of your effort in typing/replying

I meant that if you're not intrested in arguing and defending your position in a coherent manner, you can save mine and you own time by not typing irrelevant stuff like that stuff about Google. Talking to the wall of text, indeed.