Well not all say that. Most scientist believe is that big bang happened when two Universes collide, however there's always a question "well what's beyond them too".

I touched upon this topic already. It's either infinite recursion or a catch all. Both are assumptions, Occam's Razor says go with the less complicated one, hence God.

Well Christians tend to have a all around description for God,

There's no exhaustive description, except for what has been specifically revealed. Ask Dalibor for the details, I'm not a theologian.

his looks as well as his personality traits which are shifted through each generation to adjust to the time we live in.

Only in pop-religion. Comparing that to actual doctrine is like comparing the stuff Mythbusters test to Physics.

Well the ratio at which we develop technology

Linear extrapolation is only good for short-term predictions, because complex systems are never linear. Meaning, there's no guarantee this will continue beyond the immediate future.

and understand our surrounding i'd say that is the future thus saying so soon that God made is just a too early conclusion, that of course should not be dissmissed, but as i said it's too early to draw the line.

The point is that you will never be able to "draw the line". And since fundamental questions pertaining to the purpose of existence are relevant to everyday life I'd recommend the traditional approach of God and religion over equally extraordinary concepts of dubious practical value.

Just don't write to people with the arrogant tone and it'll be alright.

This statement is ironic(tm). Have a nice day.