Far too many. Europe needs to start focusing less on the abominable money-spinning EU and look closer to home.. Restrict immigration, encourage reproduction of the native people, and so on. They way it is now, they are just making money to spite themselves, to their own detriment. Getting immigrants to replace the declining native populations.

And to answer your other question, if you have no Euro ancestry, you have no right to call yourself a European. It really bothers me when I am reading an article, sports or whatever else, and they call a black or Arab person a "Frenchman" or "Dutchman" or something.

Although that being said, speaking of "Europe" is perhaps too large for me. And when I think about it, I really don't even care what happens to most of Western Europe.

I just want our corner of Europe to remain free of nonsense such as multiculturalism and other post-modernist ideals.