Foreigners in Europe are here to take jobs and to lower wages by flooding the labor market.
The whole purpose of mass immigration is to flood our labor market with cheap labor so that wages will go down and thus big business can profit.

Labour shortgage can actually benefit the native population to a great degree.  The Black Death, while it ended the lives of millions, was followed by a period of great prosperity since peasants could command higher wages for their labour and overnight many people went from poverty to a comfortable standard of living. . this inadvertently was important in the development of Mercantilism (capitalism).

Multiculturalism and mass immigration, as you pointed out, is purely done to destroy wages of the 'peasants' (the 99%) in the West.

West Germany was importing its' Turks during the 1960s – at the height of the Cold War – while East Germany imported 0 Turks.  Goes to show that the good guys lost the Cold War.