What are your views on foreigners in Europe? Africans, Asians etc, do you think they're becoming too numerous and changing Europe into a multicultural continent – like America? Would you want Europe to become multicultural? Personally I wouldn't, European culture founded the west and has a very different aesthetic to the Americas, does that make immigration from foreign peoples problematic? There were numerous Middle Eastern *****ic movements earlier in the 2000's and the 90's that caused a lot of trouble for natives. Should Europeans be more strict with letting foreigners in?

Is it fair for people who have no European ancestry to call themselves European?

I personally don't like to see Asian or African immigrants. I guess I'm a little racist but who cares. Mostly because I have a feeling they only use the hosting countries and give little in return (with some exceptions). I also wouldn't like a multicultural second America. I have enough of foreign immigrants who don't give a damn about your countries customs and culture, who are not even that fair to learn the language of the country they're living in. Those are too proud of what they are and don't alow you to say anything about them except praise. People, who are full of rights and advantages but don't care to fulfill any duties. Any kind of religious foreigners, especially islamic may go to hell. They can cut of heads of christians and westerners but god forbid anyone mentions their god's name even in a slightly different intonation! Holly war it is then! Bite me …

African or Asian descendants should call themselves African/Asian Europeans then or os, like African Americans do, idk.