I personally don't like to see Asian or African immigrants. I guess I'm a little racist but who cares. Mostly because I have a feeling they only use the hosting countries and give little in return (with some exceptions). I also wouldn't like a multicultural second America. I have enough of foreign immigrants who don't give a damn about your countries customs and culture, who are not even that fair to learn the language of the country they're living in. Those are too proud of what they are and don't alow you to say anything about them except praise. People, who are full of rights and advantages but don't care to fulfill any duties. Any kind of religious foreigners, especially *****ic may go to hell. They can cut of heads of christians and westerners but god forbid anyone mentions their god's name even in a slightly different intonation! Holly war it is then! Bite me …

African or Asian descendants should call themselves African/Asian Europeans then or os, like African Americans do, idk.

One thing that does piss me off on a personal level is their self-claim and theft of the European identity. Like there was some Turkish Muslim girl on Deviantart saying shes European AND Muslim, and because everyone is a little pussy now they all praise her for it. Some European girl was arguing with her saying shes not because shes not part of the culture and she kept disagreeing. And someone remarked how Muslims and Europeans were at war for hundreds of years and she had nothing to say. Its also the notion that these types of people say Europeans will be gone in 25 years and replaced by non-Europeans. I mean Christ… I respect the hell out of Japan because they kept their shit strict and together and are no ahead of us technologically, environmentally and are still dominant in their homeland and strict as to who and what is Japanese. They dont take shit from foreigners, and that shows real pride.