England, France, Holland, Spain…they all had colonies and treated native population like animals. Huge slave camps were created where people were forced to work in order for greedy and perverted nature of disgusting and sick-minded noblemen and their ladies to be satisfied. Should we Slavs equate ourselves with them and share the same destiny? We were also victims of their terror…where was this pan-European spirit when famous drang nach osten was executed?

Let me give you a parallel…ottoman empire was the worst nightmare for south Slavs. They exploited our human and natural resources for 400 years with no mercy. Great castles, mosques and other turkish buildings were raised thanks to the wealth gathered from our tribes in the Balkans. In the same way Madrid, Paris, London, etc..were built on the misery of colonial population. They took their land, made them slaves in their own yards and took everything what was worthy. Now, when times are changed and when some people from the colonial areas (offspring of slaves) want to enjoy the benefits of French or any other society built on the stolen wealth, we should support the western Europeans in their fight for survival of their criminal legacy? Do you know how many men died in the fields so the rich hookers in paris could have a bath in roses?

Do I wish for foreigners to occupy Slavic states? Nope. We are people that mostly fought for our lives against much bigger enemies. We deserved our territory and our land because they were built on the bones of our forefathers. If we put this in context of EU and NATO expansion, then it all becomes clear. They want to make a dump from our countries in order to avoid consequences of their actions.

Also, I have a remark about multiculturalism. Did people in Africa, Asia and Americas wanted multicultural societies or it was pushed upon them by British, French and other western european armies? Its OK to enslave others and make melting pot out of their land but support purity of your own territory?

Great post, I haven't really thought of it from that perspective. Western Europeans were usually the conquering bastards while us Eastern Europeans wanted to live to ourselves. Hmm very good point.