So I realised a little while ago, why should I even care about Western Europe? They are doing it to themselves, and there is no reason to care what happens to them. None whatsoever.

This is not our fight.

Besides politicians, I don't think a working class Western European is singing the joys of his or her country turning into something resembling Pakistan or an African nation in regards to population.

As the native population birth rate of these countries continues to decline, and with an increasing influx of non-Europeans who have little reservations for begetting children one ought to be very concerned indeed. As time goes on and intermingling inevitably occurs there will be a growing "mystery meat" population. It's not so much multiculturalism that is a threat, but multiracialism; that is if one cares about phenotypical traits. If you don't mind your descendants looking like something from the ghettos of Brazil, because those non-European specimens will inevitability be eying your sons or daughters as prospective companions.