According to everyone, this was a 'typical Russian' ~ hah!  90% of Russia are ethnic Slavs and they look nothing like him – even Chechens look more European.  And yet to 99% of people in North America and Western Europe, this Alexander Rybak was a 'typical looking Russian'.

I've observed that many 'Russian', 'Ukrainian' and other immigrants from Slavic countries are usually not Slavic here.  The white looking ones do assimilate into the local identities, but what you are left over are the Asians and Jews who can't assimilate and like to rub in their identity into everyone's nose.  That means someone like me (who is Ukrainian descent) is an American / Canadian, but some Tatar here never ever assimilates and tells everyone they're Ukrainian / Russian.

The media never makes the distinction here – a 'Russian' was killed in Chechnya but only one paper in the whole country pointed out he was half Tatar.  An ethnic (Slavic) Russian wouldn't fight in Chechnya (at least not on the side of the Chechens)

For centuries in Europe – Czech people were assumed to be Gypsies. .  Bohemian was a slur in much of Europe to denote a thief or a nomadic person – because these people from Bohemia were not ethnic Czechs but Gypsies and when arrested / apprehended, would tell everyone they were from Bohemia (much like this Alexander Rybak tells people he was born in Belarus but he is not ethnically Ruthenian).

These are my sentiments exactly. Very well put.

On many sites you go, there is often a debate whether or not Slavs are white or not. The West looks at us as inferior people, not really a "part" of the European scene, a source of cheap labour, and as Krstjanin put it so well, they would make a dump of our countries. Prime examples of this are Hungary, whose famous vineyards were bought by the British, and the Czech Republic, which got a lot of Germany's dirty industry/pollution.

And yet, we still want them to like us. I see Slavs supporting a "white Europe," when in reality, if situations were reversed, the West would be laughing at us for our incompetence at losing our own lands to political correctness and other post-modernist ideals. They certainly wouldn't be "joining the fight" with us. Nor should we with them. To add, they discriminate against Slavs and other Eastern Europeans by allowing immigration of muzlims and blacks over us. They want them so much? Have them. I continue to be amazed at why we care.

The negro, in essence, has done nothing to us, because we have never had contact with their people throughout history. This is different to Germanics or Turkics who we have had constant rivalries with due to the close proximity and entwined history. So I realised a little while ago, why should I even care about Western Europe? They are doing it to themselves, and there is no reason to care what happens to them. None whatsoever.

This is not our fight.

Anglos gonna Anglo.  The Anglo's idea of Europe ends at Germany and they assume "'Europe's" problems are applicable to the East.
There is no demographic transformation occuring in Croatia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, et cetera.  The West doesn't care about Eastern Europe and historically did nothing to help them, and in fact did the opposite (such as the British / Germans who supported the Turks).