Find me one religious people that they are not reasponsible for something ? :D I'm just telling that IS. is not like that, that is presented in media all over the world. That is pure american propaganda, I 've lived around mus. for 18 years and I have not seen these bloodthirsty, aggresive and exploding people. The things that are happening in the world do not have anything to do with Islam, it is pure politics. If you attack my people and state, if you kill my children and relatives because I won't give you FREE OIL than I would kill you no matter what religion you are. Americans made so it look like it is for Is.
Jihad means fighting on the way of god, rules with what you can only kill when your life is in dangerous. What did New Yorkers do to Iraqee people ? Nothing. So it is not matter of religion, it is matter of USA politics.

9/11 was commited by Al – Qaeda, organisation that is payed by Osama who groups people Afghan, Pakistan, Iraq and Sudan. They don't fight for their religion, they fight against american politics in their countries. They won't give them their oil and land for small money or free.
I think that Americans did not have clue at begining with what are they dealing with. Russians tried to win there and what happened ? You can't win over people who will die to protect their country and they have a bound of very strong religious beliefs, you don't get to win over these folks easily. Maybe they should try with nuclear assault.