Mostly I consider you Americans very stupid nation. Americans believe to much to their media. I think that american propaganda is the strongest one in the world, nobody will get even close.

Did you heard for england prime minister Cameron and what he said in official statement ? That these attacks are attacks on UK and I – SL- AM and that they don't have anything to do with it.

I had no idea Cameron was an authority on Islam. What are the odds he's just a lying politician concerned about votes? I know, right?

Also I -S – Lmic community of UK said that this has not anything to do with it. I'm agnostic and deist but I know a lot about this religion and imams and these kind of people don't have anything to do with it. You forgot what crimes Chris – tianity did true the history and how much blood was spilled because of it

How about being a little more specific when you throw accusations around. What crimes are you referring to, and I mean real crimes, not some freestyle interpretation of the term.

  ;) People should realy study something about Is-l-am before they speak, specialy Americans who should know that 9/11 did not happen because of the faith rather because of their gouvrnment stealing oil and killing innnocent children on Middle East. And if I remember your Bible says eye for a eye, tooth for a tooth not Kur'an wich says you can only defend yourself and kill if your life is in dangerous so 9/11 does not have anything to do with this faith, it has to do with greedy Americans :)

If you throw them all out, you won't have to worry about details like whether one's a "moderate muslim" or  a "religious zealot". Foreigners do not belong in Europe.