Hey guys, I'm looking for a particular Macedonian folk song I heard a few weeks ago on YouTube. It's not 'Zemjo Makendonska', it had no lyrics, just instrumental. I would be more specific, but I don't know what the instruments are called :(

Anyway, please post Macedonian folk songs so I can enjoy them and hopefully find the one I'm looking for. :)

This is the only instrumental of Zemjo Makedonska I found
Zemjo Makedonska REMIX Dzorlev i Marotovi

Could it be this one?
Leb i Sol – Jovano , Jovanke

Or this one?
Македонски рози Жал за Деспина

MITAN Project – Macedonian Roses – Biljana Platno Belese

MITAN Project – Macedonian Roses – Eleno, Kerko Eleno

Anyway check out this playlist i hope you will find it