My favourite is Brala moma kapini.

Rahilka Burzevska – Brala moma kapini

And I have a question, for which I'd be very glad to get an answer from you macedonian fellows. Is the version Brala Jana kapini also that "popular", or however you put it, like Brala moma kapini? I know the melody is the same but the lyrics are quite different. Is one older that the other? And what the hell does kapini mean? I can't find a translation … :-

To be honest, I've never heard of a version called "Brala Jana kapini" before. I couldn't find it nowhere on the internet.

It is possible that this version was played somewhere. Slight variations in the lyrics are common for the folk songs – often one song is sang differently in different regions and on different dialects.

I only found these versions on YouTube, but they are from non-Macedonian artists.

Ishtar – Brala Jana Kapini

Klapa Kolapjanke Brala Jana kapini

So, "Brala Jana Kapini" is not as popular as "Brala moma kapini".