To be honest, I've never heard of a version called "Brala Jana kapini" before. I couldn't find it nowhere on the internet.

It is possible that this version was played somewhere. Slight variations in the lyrics are common for the folk songs – often one song is sang differently in different regions and on different dialects.

I only found these versions on YouTube, but they are from non-Macedonian artists.

Ishtar – Brala Jana Kapini

Klapa Kolapjanke Brala Jana kapini

So, "Brala Jana Kapini" is not as popular as "Brala moma kapini".

Interesting … Anyhow, thank you!

I've been searching for it myself too but all I could find is some Croatian women and those Belgians just suck. The melody is the same, otherwise, only the text is different. But it's said it's a Macedonian folk song. Idk, you're Macedonian, so you'll know better about it. I like Brala moma kapini too. IMO it's a nice song. :)