But also Czechs, because this term means also a citizen of Czech Republic. If you call someone from Moravia in english a Czech, he shouldn't be upset. When is need to distinguish between people from Bohemia and Moravia I personally I prefer to use terms Bohemians and Moravians (english can distinguish it contrary to czech language). And keep in mind, that not everyone in Moravia consider himself a Moravian (actually according to last census more people there consider themselves Czechs than Moravians).

@Svätoslava: one Prague joke says, that Balkan starts 10 km behind Prague;-)

I'm partly from region in Bohemia, where folklore traditions are still strong, so I don't feel this folklore difference to strong, but it's true than nowadays folklore is generally richer in Moravia. It's because of quicker and stronger industrialisation of Bohemia in 19th century, when Moravia stayed more rural and therefore they kept more traditions.

One important difference between Bohemians and Moravians is that fact, that Bohemians are more beerdrinkers and Moravians prefer wine and fruit spirits.

PS: Old Czechs had to join Franks, because they was occupied by Moravians. It was fight for freedom :D ;-)