“Rurik was even of Ugro-Finnish origin, N haplogroup, indeed.” – genetical research suggest that he never existed as an actual person. Most of “his” descendants are R1a1a ,there is one ,or two people who are N1.

“Ugro Fin nations (including our own Hungarian ancestors). ” – N1 haplogroup in Finland 61%. N1 haplogroup in Hungary 0.5% (statistic error margin is 3% so its officially 0%). Hungarians are a mix of slaves of asiatic speaking Huns, taken from many tribes. Finnish people were at least actually mixing with them so they have not only asiatic language but also have often mongolian eyes. “Ugro-Finnic” is language branch not ethnic group. You have absolutely nothing to do with Finnish people.
You have absolutely no knowledge about things you talk about ,you have no sources to support your ridiculous claims ,and your hate speech is simply unacceptable.
Its sad you make me write those things about Hungarians cause my best friend have Hungarian ancestry and most Poles and Hungarians believe in their historical friendship.

But the problem is not in trolling but in fact that you @Perun censored my comments not so long ago ,and now you let this forum become a trash can where everyone may throw hate rants on Slavs without any reaction from administrator (cause moderators are gone).


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