"The Macedonian Constitution also guarantees "full equality as citizens and permanent coexistence" to Albanians, Turks, Vlachs, and Roms (Gypsies), in that order. While Macedonian is the official state language (Article 7), the nationalities may use their own language in local affairs where they constitute a majority or "a considerable number" of the inhabitants. Articles 8 and 48 ensure the right to express national identity, including the right to primary and secondary education in the mother tongue, with the stipulation that Macedonian must also be taught in such schools. These rights are in conformity with human rights norms in Western countries, and indeed exceed the rights granted minorities in many countries."

Yeah, I don't think it is either. However, The Macedonians appear to be incredibly tolerant and giving to the Albanians, in terms of allowing them the use of their language for official purposes, as well as teaching Albanian to them in schools (as long as Macedonian is also taught.)