@Xekoslav True enough. However, I feel that this is even more of a reason they should try to integrate the Albs into Macedonian society rather than catering to them by giving them use of their own language, cultural centers, etc.

It may be too late to change this now…. But upon declaring independence from Yugoslavia, had the Macedonians instilled a "Macedonia for Macedonians" mentality, and assimilating these people into their mainstream society, then minority groups would know exactly where they stand.

Then they would leave if they were unhappy, or be quelled by force if they tried an uprising in a nation that is not theirs.

The way it stands, Albs are free to be Albanian, act Albanian, and continue to cause trouble on the pretext of their Greater Albania schemes. Similar to muzlims in western nations who preach hate against the west in mosques. By making it clear from the start that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable, these terrorists would have a much harder time navigating themselves, because anything deemed anti-Macedonian would be illegal, punishable by jail or deportation.