@Xekoslav They would speak Alb at home, yes. But giving them SO much freedom basically enables them to relatively freely move around and organise terrorism, attacks, and so on. They can openly be Albanian. If it was frowned upon, it would be much harder for them to do these things. It also enables them to feel Albanian and never let it go within a foreign society.

I can't exactly agree that they strictly "don't" assimilate. I don't think it has ever really been tried properly. Serbia pandered to them, just as Macedonia is these days. No one has truly tried to integrate them into their own societies, perhaps because they did not want them, I don't know. Instead, they just keep giving them everything and then wondering why they won't assimilate. Because they have no *need* to.

If your host nation is giving you schools in your own language, newspapers, cultural centers, etc, as well as a higher living standard than your own motherland provides, why the hell would you assimilate? This is the mistake that has been made in Serbia, and being repeated in Macedonia.

Regardless, not catering them so much would restrict them. A lot. As I already said, it's probably too late now. But if they did it from the start, I think it could've been different.