@Sviatogor, it could be made in Belarus but you need to have in mind, that there was no Belarus in the past. When starka was made for the first time it was a Lithuanian territory. Analogically, you will say that a shield called “scutum” was of Roman origin, not Italian. So starka could have been made on a territory of Belarus, but not in Belarus, as there was no such country.

I’ve found two options about word “starka”. One comes from a German word “stark” which means “strong”. German language in the past influenced Polish and Lithuanian language, so this can be somehow logical. The other option I have found is about old-Lithuanian “starkus” which means “a stork”.

In Silesian dialect of Polish language “starka” means “grandma”. But I doubt if that can be in any way relevant.

I have tasted starka only once – not Polish but Lithuanian (brother brought me). I liked it :D


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