In the past a particular type of liquor was made in Belarus from rye grains and matured in old oak barrels often that were already used in wine-making. The drink was called ‘Starka’. The wikipedia article states the country of origins are Poland & Lithuania. I am pretty sure the drink was also made in Belarus. Used oak barrels were imported from Hungary. So, it was Szlachta’s drink. I am reading the drink is commercially made in Poland in small quantities nowadays.

Would it be too much to ask to search for the origins of the drink and etymology of the term ‘Starka’ in Polish literature? The word Starka may have formed from the word Stary (old) and and suffix -ka is added to mean diminutive of Stary. For example , Voda > Vod-ka (little water). Similarly , Stary > Star-ka.


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