Rurik was even of Ugro-Finnish origin, N haplogroup, indeed. Russia was at that time still populated with Ugro Fin nations (including our own Hungarian ancestors). There were no Slavs yet or were in minority at that time in Russia. Russian culture is in fact in general Ugro-Finish, partially Khazarian, partially Swedish and partially Mongolian. Slavs have had a very primitive “culture”. In fact nothing remained from pre christian slavic era. According to several official historical writers, linguists, they did not even have a word for a Tree. They have borrowed it from Germans. Some Latin authors were writing they(Slavs) were howling like wild wolves(not having a speech at all!), their houses were built as muddy dens, with few little straw over the tops. Perhaps they have learned these types of housing from Roma population which was already spreading towards the Europe at that time.


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