“Poland, Czech republic are already American lands. Their secret military bases are everywhere in their countries, just like in some occupied middle eastern state…” – you let your imagination but the secret CIA jails are true. Decade ago one of primeministers said about that publicly and all were making idiot out of him. He was a simple farmer but he used his power as politic to dig into Polish secret documents and he was telling publicly all he found out. Few years ago he wanted to make some documents public. He was one of the so called “serial suiciders”. “Serial suicide” is a term used in Poland since the more and more often murders on important people which were automaticly classified as suicide. Nobody believes in that. Poland is saddly very similar to Russia. Political situation of Poland is worse than many other post-soviet countries because in Poland we have an organisation called “Wojskowe Służby Informacyjne” which means “Millitary Intelligence Service” which is nothing less than a mafia ,but with military system and international influences. They were delegalized by Lech Kaczyński gourernment ,same Lech Kaczyński that was murdered (with almost 100 other people who were related to him) in Smoleńsk in assasination commited in cooperation by WSI and Russian FSB (German Intelligence claims it was FSB but we in Poland know about WSI officers who were taking part in it). WSI was delegalized but they still exist in secret ,they still kill ,steal military technologies and sell military equipment on black market. But its only part of their trade.
Basically there are few wings in “Polish” politics right now. Pro-Russian (WSI related people with president Bronisław “Komorowski” (its not his true surname ,he is a descendant of some soviet jew from Ukraine that was serving on Lithuania for Polish Komorowski Dukes) in the lead). Pro-German which was mostly based on Donald Tusk whose grandfather was an volounteer in Wehrmacht. There is Pro-American sector , mostly related to the conservative-socialists ,the party that is in oppositon since something like 8 years now.
And finally there is National Movement that is veeery closly cooperating with Jobbik ,but they are not in parliament. So there is no “Poland” or “Poles” that are pro-american. No ,most Poles would rather cooperate with Russia, “our” politicians do what THEY want ,not what Poles want. The pro-american part is hilarious because USA have this part of the world deep in ass and they have nothing to do with Poland except those secret CIA jails (that were mostly shutted down as I believe). Polish politics is a wide and complicated subject ,but I may assure you ,your diagnosis have nothing to do with reality.

” Slavs love to be ruled by others. I am Hungarian by origin and we know our pride, not like Slavs, who were even happy to be ruled by foreigners.” – Again. WTF are you talking about?

“Even my own nation ruled over at least 4 different Slavic nations through the history.” – I’m not into history after early medieval so could you tell us more about that? Cause I’m suspecting you bend facts here to you stupid understanding of nationalism. And BTW, why your fantastisch nation dont rule no Slavs anymore and is like an island of asiatic speaking people in the sea of Slavonics?

“We all know from where the etymology called “Slav” comes from…” – your superior inteligence made you link (one of the many western theories about) etymology of word “slave” not “Slav”. As far as I know word “slave” is in english from latin (same as in all latin languages). Otto mentioned under this link was 1) of Germanic descend 2) living long after the fall of Roman Empire.
Slave in classic latin is “servus”. There are few explanations of the similarity between those words.

1) Slavs were the greatest slave traders for Rome. They were and are the greatest ethnic group in Europe ,and they were always expansive (its easy enough to look at the map).
Of course there is a mirror version that was popularized by prussian propaganda but as you may clearely see by studying the link you gave here ,it makes no sense. We have archeological and historical proofs for massive slave trade in early medieval Slavic countries (I was studying mostly northern Poland and the slave trade with Scandinavian slaves – mostly Danes – its described even in their sagas) ,I dont know how about older times and the southern regions that were trading with Rome but I’ll dig into that. I guess the massive slave trade in northern Poland wasnt something special for this region of the greatest and most expansive ethnic group in Europe.

2) The most possible theory is that its actualy the greek influence into post-classical latin ,and in Greek word “Sklabenoi” and “b”-“w” are interchangable in languages so it later became “Sklavenoi” which sounds similar to the word “slávoi” meaning slave. Latin speaking nations mostly never met Slavonics ,same with English speaking people. So its simply a linguistic coincidence that is not native for those nations ,its a foreign linguistic influence.
There are probably other theories but it doesnt matter really.

The ethymology of name “Sławianie” is of Slavonic origin. There are two basic theories about that. One that it came from “słowo” which means “word”. It suppouse to be in opposite to name “niemcy” (Germans) which means “mutes”. Its rather marginal theory because of the simple reason. All foreign sources from the earliest periods call us “Sla-” not “Slo-“. And the other theory is that its from Slavic word “Sława” which means “glory”. So Sławianie means “Glorious ones” ,the interesting thing is that its similar to the meaning of the name Arya. But its not all. Name “Sławianie” is suspected to come from the PIE word “su̯edhnos” which means “kindred”.

“Slavs are born to be ruled by Germanics, Italians, Hungarians, Mongols, Greeks and Jews. So I wonder if Slavs even have their own culture? Probably not at all. All these “slavic” cultures are foreign in their lands. Even the Soviet Union was rather a Great Khazaria than some “Russia”, and was even ruled by Georgian, called Stalin. Without foreign cultures Slavs would remain in the Stone ages. They were illiterate and their speech was “even similar to the howling of wolves”. Greeks(Byzantines) have had to conquer their primitive, barbaric culture and lands and taught them to speak human voices and writing with Christian culture. And Germans taught them many words and discipline and sold many of them into slavery into the Arab world. This is short sinopsis about the whole history of Slavs. This is just my personal objective view, which is described everywhere, even in Wikipedia.” – and this is simple rant of a frustrate without a life. Believe me ,trolling wont get you laid.
BTW. you dont seem like a person that is proud of his ancestry. Rather like very unsecure person with identity crysis.

Rants like that wont make your homeland bigger ,nor your dick.


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