Poland, Czech republic are already American lands. Their secret military bases are everywhere in their countries, just like in some occupied middle eastern state…As you can see their peple don’t even wear their own national flags. I don’t mind if they will be annexed to USA and become Americans, if that is their free will, why not? Slavs love to be ruled by others. I am Hungarian by origin and we know our pride, not like Slavs, who were even happy to be ruled by foreigners.Even my own nation ruled over at least 4 different Slavic nations through the history. We all know from where the etymology called “Slav” comes from… http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=slave Slavs are born to be ruled by Germanics, Italians, Hungarians, Mongols, Greeks and Jews. So I wonder if Slavs even have their own culture? Probably not at all. All these “slavic” cultures are foreign in their lands. Even the Soviet Union was rather a Great Khazaria than some “Russia”, and was even ruled by Georgian, called Stalin. Without foreign cultures Slavs would remain in the Stone ages. They were illiterate and their speech was “even similar to the howling of wolves”. Greeks(Byzantines) have had to conquer their primitive, barbaric culture and lands and taught them to speak human voices and writing with Christian culture. And Germans taught them many words and discipline and sold many of them into slavery into the Arab world. This is short sinopsis about the whole history of Slavs. This is just my personal objective view, which is described everywhere, even in Wikipedia.


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