Isn't it always the fault of the people, not the religion? It's like the case with guns.. "Religions/Guns don't kill people. People kill people."

And this is a forum for discussing things going on in the real world, and in the real world, muzlims cause a lot of problems. Added to that, even a brief read of this forum will tell you that many users simply don't like izlam or their constant incursions into Europe.

I completely agree with the fact that there is not an izlamic section here. I can see how it would get out of hand very fast.

Islam can't cause problems on an internet forum. It's not the physical world. Banning a religion here is like treating us like babies. If someone sturrs trouble, then moderators will deal with those people in accordance to the forum rules. The fact is that Many Slavs are Muslim and banning a religion practiced by large groups of Slavs on a Slavic forum goes against what a forum of Slavs should be about.

What happens in the real world can't affect you here. An Islamic terrorist can't blow up this forum ::)

I'm sure there are many things that various users don't like and you can see it in the arguments on this forum. Some people have a problem with Macedonians here claiming Ancient Macedonian heritage, but we don't ban those threads and the Macedonian section. The general rule is that if you don't like something keep it to yourself or express why you don't like it, but don't ban it unless it affects you directly in a negative way.